Voter Registration Training

When a registration form is rejected by the elections office, the would-be voter must first learn that this is the case (which might not happen, especially in the case of an address-related error), and then they have to re-register (if there’s enough time), while ensuring that all errors have been corrected the second time around.

Happily, rejections are minimized when assistance is available from well-trained volunteers.

Whether registering a high school or college student, a former voter who has been de-registered, or someone who has never voted before, the questions that come up vary widely, and the answers can be non-intuitive. COVE trainers have answered just about all of them, and we want to share our experience and insights with you.

Sign up for our training, which costs you nothing but your time, and you’ll be ready to answer any question you’re asked with confidence. Questions like these zingers:

  • I’m not 18 yet, so I’m too young to register…right?
  • I go to college around here, but I’m from out of town and I voted last time at home. Can I register here, or do I have to go home to vote?
  • I just got out of jail, and I heard people who’ve been arrested can’t vote, so why should I register?
  • I’m homeless. I can’t register without a home address, can I?
  • Can’t I just do it online? I’ll register tonight when I get home…

When we’re finished with you, you’ll know how to address these issues and many more!

Training classes are held periodically around Greenville County, but we are willing to travel and conduct trainings at your location if demand warrants it. To learn more about upcoming voter registration training classes, please visit our Facebook page: