Protect The Vote!


As was verified by the Justice Department, Russian security agents hacked into our political systems and interfered in the 2016 Election. Not only the Presidential election, but also some local elections and state voter registration offices were affected.

The Russians are continuing with their interference and are expected to do much the same in the 2018 elections.

According to former Director of Intelligence James Clapper, groups worked toward suppressing the minority vote in selected areas of the country.  By posting false and/or misleading information on social media sites, texting voters with messages to “text Hillary” if you wish to vote for Clinton, and other nefarious but clever techniques to cause many voters to think they had voted but had not.  Some voters were encouraged to stay home because their vote was not needed.

These techniques prove how valuable our votes are.  No one would spend so much time and money to suppress them otherwise.  We must protect our votes and the votes of our neighbors.  Some things you can do are outlined below.  Please check with your neighbors,especially the elderly, to make sure that everyone is registered, their registration has been recorded and they know where to vote.

Go to and click on Check My Voter Registration.  After answering a few question, a page will come up with all the necessary information.  Remember not everyone has access to the internet so reach out to your neighbors.  This is especially important now that “registered voters” can be removed from the rolls if they have not voted in the last few elections. Check now and just prior to the election on November 6.

Use caution when clicking on a link sent to you through email or text. You need to be absolutely positive the link is from a reliable source.  This means even checking what your friends send you.  When you hear or read something that sounds “iffy” double, triple check it out.  Do not fall for text messages unless you verify them.  No one in South Carolina can vote by text, computer or other electronic device.  Even absentee ballots must be mailed in.

Even using the utmost care will not ensure that you will not be a victim.  Report anything suspicious to the authorities.  Treat your vote as a prized possession  – because it is!

In the meantime, sign up for a training class for registering voters!  Sign up to register new voters at events spread throughout Greenville County and the Upstate.  Send us emails of suspicious activities so we can share with others. Be ready to provide transportation to people who don’t have access to the polls.



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