Our Future is Bright!

These young people are the future of our democracy.  Intelligent, thoughtful and READY to get involved.  Some are 18.  Some are citizens.  Some are working on becoming citizens. They are part of Furman’s Bridge Program.

I met them while doing voter registration at Southernside Annual Cleanup.  They were doing community service by picking up trash on a very hot, humid day.  Lots of smiles and good cheer – and excited about their right to VOTE.

Earlier in the day, COVE volunteers were registering new voters and adding to our volunteer list at the KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER event at Graham Plaza, Main Street. There also we saw many engaged young people trying to make a difference.  Trying to make their voices heard.  Peaceful, energetic, and committed to making our democracy strong.  They will be voting – if not this election, then the next.

But this wasn’t just young voters.   People of different ages, religions, ethnicities, political and sexual persuasions were all actively involved in the democratic process.

I would love to hear from those of you who have similar experiences of citizens working together to make a difference.  Just email me joanne@cove.vote.  Let me know if you are willing to share your experiences in a blog.

Thanks everyone.  Tomorrow COVE will be at the Greer Relief Center encouraging voter participation and registering first-time voters.


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