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Better safe than sorry!
Brennan Center has advice to #ProtectTheVote this November

At her presentation on August 6 about election security, Liz Howard of the Brennan Center for Justice said that the Brennan Center was preparing recommendations about what we as citizens can do to promote election security. They’re ready!

Here’s a link to “8 Ways You Can Help Protect Our Elections from a Cyberattack

Here’s the Brennan Center guide to “Advocating for Election Protection

And here’s a link to the Brennan Center “Election 2018: What You Need To Know” page that includes this info and much more.

Want to help in local elections as a poll worker?
One way to protect and support our elections is to be a part of it as a poll worker. It involves 3 hours of training and then a long (but crucially important) day at the polls on election day, November 6.

Are you interested? Do you know anyone who might be? Here’s a link to the application to be a poll worker. That information and more is available at the Greenville County Voter Registration page.


Lawson Wetli, President

League of Women Voters Greenville




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