How do you respond to statements from non voters? Try some examples below. Review and put them into your own words.

1. My vote doesn’t count!
If that were true, then there would be no documented history of voter suppression.
Why are there still efforts to make voting more difficult? There was an tied election in Virginia recently decided by a coin toss. If one more person had voted, it would have changed things.

2. The political system is rigged.
If the system is rigged then it can be “unrigged” but only by standing up and voting.

3. I’m not political.
Voting is not about being political. It’s about having a say in how you, your family, and your community have access to services and resources. Voting gives you a chance to effect change.

4. No one represents me/I don’t like any of the candidates.
Then don’t focus on the candidates. Focus on issues that are important to you and
your community. You pay taxes. Voting allows you to help decide how that money is spent.

Thanks to Alicia Brewster and Brenton Brown for helping find answers to questions.

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