About Cove

Citizens Organized for Voter Engagement (COVE) is a non-partisan organization committed to increasing voter participation in Greenville County and throughout the Upstate of South Carolina.

COVE was launched in 2018, and to accomplish our mission we:

  • Train volunteers to register people to vote. We usually conduct trainings in Greenville County, but we are willing to travel if demand warrants it. To learn more about our training sessions, or to enroll in an upcoming class, go to our Voter Registration Training page;
  • Provide volunteers for voter registration tables at events across the Upstate. To volunteer, review the list of upcoming events on our Volunteer Opportunities page and click through to sign up;
  • Coordinate with like-minded local and national organizations to setup and staff voter registration efforts around the Upstate. To plug your organization into our network, get in touch via our Contact Page, being sure to check the appropriate box;
  • Educate volunteers and voters about voter registration and voting in South Carolina, to help everyone understand the concept of “Your Vote is Your Voice” and encourages voter participation. Check out the More SC Voter Information page;
  • Canvass to get out the vote in all local, state, and federal elections; and,
  • Drive voters to the polls on election day. If you need a ride to the polls, or if you can provide transportation services on election day, please use our Contact Page and and check the appropriate box.

As a non-partisan organization, COVE does not choose sides on political parties or issues, and all COVE volunteers agree to remain neutral on all political parties, candidates and issues while participating in a COVE registration event. We will list and provide staff for any organization’s events, as long as their events:

  • Are open to the general public;
  • Promote voter access for all eligible citizens; and,
  • Do not discriminate based on race, religion, or sexual orientation.

If you need more information about COVE, don’t hesitate to call or email us. The best phone number and email to use are at the top of every page.