Couple of Points about the SC Voter Registration Form

This a copy of the SC voter registration form. It is the one we will use except for two things.

First, “Attach ID” is not necessary. The folks at the Elections Office assure me that because you must show ID when you show up to vote, they no longer need a photo ID when you register. The form needs to be update.

Second, our form is the mail-in form which has two sides. The other side (not shown) is for mailing. It can be sealed and we can collect them OR allow the voter to mail them in. That said, it is HIGHLY recommended that we collect to make sure there is actually follow through.

Knowing that some folks will be uncomfortable writing in their SSN, I would suggest that we ask them to fill out form (temporarily omitting their SSN) so we can check to make sure the writing is clear and legible. Then they can write in SSN, seal the form and place in a box. In that way we will never see their SSN. If folks refuse even this, then simply have them take it with them to mail. I will furnish some stamps for those who wish to mail. When the stamps run out they will simply have to provide their own.

For people who do not want to take the time to register with us, we will have information to provide them alternatives.

I will be at the Tuesday rally to answer questions and to give you a form that you may take with you. (I am also giving out mail-in forms to folks I meet along the way.) I don’t think its necessary to have a training session; however, I’ll be happy to have one if you feel you need it. You can also call or text me at 864-335-8491 if you have questions.

I am now working on getting us on the Furman Campus on the 26th. A couple of professors are helping me.

Thanks to everyone who gave me alternative locations. As we move forward, I’m hoping we can take a couple of Saturday mornings at different locations to get as many folks as possible registered. If you have additional ideas about this, just let me know.

Thanks everyone and hopefully I will have a definite answer from Furman by Tuesday.

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